A couple of instances of digital transformation by industry

The arrival of digital avenues has influenced a great deal of sectors, which have done some alterations to adopt the patterns and keep on being up to date with this era.

Something most people do on a consistent weekly basis as part of our routine is buying groceries. This industry, as it is effectively found in every person’s day to day life, has seen quite a couple of modifications lately, and is therefore one among the best examples of digital transformation. With forerunners like Ian McLeod, of Dairy Farm’s grocery store chain, considering utilising artificial intelligence in self-checkouts, things like queues at the till might soon be a thing of the past. Another one among the business transformation examples is that of presenting information in an easily available way, like scanning an item from a smart phone application to learn about its components and potential allergens.

Some parts of our lives have currently been heavily impacted by the swift improvement of technology, in the span of only a couple of decades, and we may be so accustomed to them that maybe we do not realise the scope to which our lives have improved. Perhaps one among the great key drivers of digital transformation is the tremendous boom of telecommunications: think straight back to when telephones were only in our houses, and computers had to be wired to the internet. Nowadays, we might be out and about and call our mother, search the bus schedule, order our grocery delivery, all from one little device that is instantly connected.

When talking about digital transformation across industries, the areas which are essentially essential for every person’s wellness cannot be overlooked: one example is health care. While typically, as a way to talk to your general practitioner if you need a prescription renewed, or even just for a matter about your overall health, you would require to leave the house and probably wait, pioneers like Ali Parsa of Babylon Health are altering the business with healthcare which is easily accessible online. Imagine being home unwell, and having the possibility to video-call your physician and go over your symptoms with them from the convenience of your own bed. Online healthcare is definitely one among the top digital transformation success stories.

There are many aspects in which the use of online solutions to existing industries has rendered our everyday life and errands much more comforted, and one among the big successful digital transformation case studies is the personal banking field. So many financial institutions, such as David Li’s BEA, are interested in the application of online avenues to their current services in an effort to stay updated, appealing to clients, and relevant in the current times. Some digital transformation examples in banking involve the employment of virtual security, such as intricate passwords or fingerprints, to access one’s bank account and make financial transactions from the comfort of their own pocket.

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